Mission of information of stakeholders at local levelon the project

The mission to inform stakeholders at local level on the Kadey Federation of Community Forests support project in the process of obtaining legality certificates and timber trade took place from April10 to 13,2014,. These stakeholders include administrative authorities, religious authorities and the project beneficiary communities represented by managers of community forests.

These authorities were prepared before the information meetings that were scheduled in accordance with a previously established program. An information letter on the launching of the project and a project presentation note were sent to them for this purpose. During each interview with the stakeholders, the project was presented and then the expectations of the people met were collected.

Concerning the local administrative authorities, the project team held a meeting with the Regional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife for the East Region, the representative of the Regional Delegate of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development of the East, the Prefect of Kadey, Sub-prefects of Ndem-Nam, Ndélélé and Mbang Subdivisions, the Divisional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife of Kadey, the Divisional Delegate of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development of Kadey, the Heads of Forest and Hunting Control Station (CPCFC) of Mbang, Ndélélé and Ndem Nam. The Kadey’s Divisional Delegations of Social Affairs, Labour and Social Security, and Trade were also visited. The head of the Bertoua Regional Center for taxation was met. The mayors of Batouri, Mbang and Ndélélé councils were also met. As for local religious authorities, the project team met with the Bishop of Batouri and the Coordinator of Batouri Caritas CODAS.

In general, during these meetings, the authorities met pledged their support to the project, so that its realization contributes not only to reduce illegal logging but also fight against poverty.

As for the beneficiary communities, the Presidents of legal entities, heads of Forest Operations (ROF) and the Secretaries General of community forest associations were present at the information and the sensitization meeting in Batouri. In their addresses, CARFAD and Batouri CODAS Caritas representatives made recommendations most especially to communities to:

  • Integrate the question of legality;
  • Consider that the action is temporary;
  •  Involve young leaders in the villages.
  • Integrate transparency in the management of the association and revenue management;
  • Have personal initiatives for community forest management;
  •  Be patient: do not only focus on what they are going to gain now.