Mission of sensitization of beneficiary communities

The project team in Batouri, carried out a field work from May 13 to May 29 2014 to sensitize the 26 beneficiary communities on : (i) the need to have a sense of belonging within the federation; (ii) the benefits of the legality certificate; (iii) the consequences that would occur if a community does not have a certificate of legality.

The results and products obtained at the end of the double assignment of information and sensitization are:

-22 local institutions visited by the project team. These are:

The Prefecture of Kadey;

  • 04 Sub prefectures of Kadey (Nguélébok, Ndélélé, Mbang and Batouri);
  • the Bishop’s house of the Diocese of Batouri;
  • 01 gendarmerie;
  • 02 Regional Delegations namely; the East Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife and the East Regional Delegation of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development;
  • 04 Forestry and Hunting Control Stations (PCFC) of the Kadey;
  • Regional Taxation Centre (East);
  • 02 Canton chiefdoms;
  • 01 Community Radio;
  • 05 Divisional Delegations namely; the Divisional Delegation of Social Affairs, the Divisional Delegation of Labour and Social Security, the Divisional Delegation of Trade, the Divisional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife, the Divisional Delegation of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development.

– 26 sensitization meetings in the project area, that is, a meeting with each community forest;

– 1000 leaflets distributed to stakeholders;

– 500 posters pasted in public places;

– 28 sign boards manufactured and implanted in the project zone; 26 in communities and 02in Batouri;

– More than 800 people directly affected by the sensitization mission.

The project was well received by the beneficiary communities in the 04 concerned subdivisions.