Startup workshop of the ASFOCKA VPA-FLEGT Project

A multi-stakeholder workshop to launch the implementation of the support project of the Kadey Federation of Community Forests in the process of obtaining legality certificates and timber trade was held on January 28, 2014 in Yaounde at the Tou’Ngou Hotel conference hall.

This startup workshop helped the better understanding of the project spirit. During this workshop attended by representatives of MINFOF, the Delegation of the European Union, civil society, development partners, beneficiary communities and research institutions, the project objectives were presented. The contributions of each and everyone were collected. The main presentations focused on: i) the inventory of community forests of the Diocese of Batouri, ii) the status of the implementation of VPA-FLEGT in Cameroon and iii) the presentation of the said project.

The workshop helped to better enlighten the stakeholders on the objectives of the project and collect their contributions. Potential risks for the implementation of the project were also identified and solutions/mitigations measures were proposed by the participants. Some recommendations on the VPA-FLEGT process were made by all the stakeholders present.

It appears at the end of the workshop that the objectives of the project presented should be completely implemented so that communities can get their certificates of legality and sale their products at competitive prices. Similarly, related recommendations will be considered within the framework of the implementation of the project.