Strengthening the functioning of the existing federation

The functioning of the federation strengthening process takes place in a context where the Kadey’s Association of Community Forests faces functional difficulty, due to poor organization of its members and non-compliance with the functioning texts of the federation. This functional difficulty of ASFOCKA does not allow it to achieve its objectives such as: facilitating the commercialization of legal timber, search for its partners, defense of community interests, compliance with forest laws and regulations, capacity building of its members and the carrying out of development projects in the communities.

In achieving the objective of the project on strengthening the existing federation, the project has formulated three activities:

  • Putting in place the running fund;
  • Building the capacity of ASFOCKA’s members on the functioning texts of the federation and data archiving;
  • Developing a manual of the federation management procedures.

In order to achieve this objective, a four-day workshop was held in Batouri attended by representative’s of ASFOCKA member associations.

Putting in place of the running fund

The results:

  • For the current year, the members decided that the deadline for the payment of membership dues (25 000 FCFA) and the first installment of contributions (50 000 FCFA) is at the end of September 2014 and in the other years, the provisions of the statutes must be respected;
  • The fund is secured in a micro finance;
  • The fund will be used for office equipment, for the support of associations, for the achievement of missions, for the facilitation of the obtainment of secure documents, for the functioning of ASFOCKA, for the coverage of general meetings, for the search of partners;
  • Only associations in good standing will be eligible for funding;
  • For more transparency, the fund will be managed by the Executive Board office and the Executive Secretary;
  • Loans will be repaid in kind (wood) or in cash;
  • To qualify for a loan, you must have a collateral (wood in the forest) or guarantor (another member association of the Federation);
  • Accountability will be done through the management controllers on the production of justified documents to the general assembly;
  • The sustainability of the fund will be ensured through the search of partners, expansion of ASFOCKA’s activities and the payment of services rendered to non-members. The former fund of ASFOCKA is secured and available in a micro finance. Members express their confidence in this microfinance;

This account has been reactivated in this microfinance.

Building the capacity of ASFOCKA’s members on the functioning texts of the federation and data archiving

The results:

  • Members have increased knowledge of the provisions of these texts;
  • A prefectural Act concerning changes in the executive office of ASFOCKA and amendment of statutes and internal regulations are available;
  • The legal framework related to Cooperative Societies is presented and understood. The communities are ready to adhere to this new situation;
  • The basic texts governing the Cooperative are developed and adopted. The federation loses the appellation ASFOCKA to Simplified Cooperative Society of Community Forests for the Transformation of the Wood of Kadey (SCOOPS-FCTBK);
  • The registration certificate of SCOOPS-FCTBK in the Register of Cooperatives is available;
  • The 52 representatives of the 26 member associations of ASFOCKA actually have an increased knowledge on the classification of correspondences and the archiving of files;

The file cabinets provided for the conservation of documents (hard files and / or digital) are available.

Developing a management procedure manual of the federation

The manual of the federation’s management procedures is available. It gives guidance on the description and management of the organization, administrative procedures, management of stocks and fixed assets, management of personnel, purchase and sales procedures, financial procedures, account management, other administrative services and the conduct of meetings.